• KC Bennett

Transforming a Vaccine

Medicine Buddha

On the morning of April 9, I received the J&J/Janssen covid vaccine. I purposely arrived at the doctor's office 30 minutes early to meditate in my car beforehand. I began by imagining Medicine Buddha radiating light rays, his wisdom blessings, into all the scientists' minds, giving them the knowledge of how to create a vaccine that would protect people from a deadly virus. It is helpful to me to imagine that he was involved in creating the vaccine.

Then, from Medicine Buddha's heart, I imagined that he poured potent healing energy into each vaccine dose, transforming the vaccine into a pure healing nectar. I imagined the vaccine flowing through my body in the form of Medicine Buddha's blue light, coating every cell in a layer of his indestructible protection. I went further and imagined the vaccine was not only protecting me from the virus but also providing deep healing in all parts of my body and mind.

I then imagined handing a tray of vials filled with pure medicine to Medicine Buddha and said, "May all living beings have the medicines they need to be healthy and well." I imagined Medicine Buddha multiplying the medicine and providing every living being with what they need to be protected and healthy.

I finished the meditation, went into the doctor's office, and received the vaccine. While waiting in the lobby to make sure I didn't have an adverse reaction, I carried on with meditating on the vaccine as an emanation of Medicine Buddha's protective, healing love. I thought about my body easily metabolizing the vaccine because it was purified and now only existed as healing energy. I also thought about all the people who would be protected by me having the vaccine.

Once I left the doctor's office, not only did I feel great, I had an experience of deep peace and joy, and Medicine Buddha was manifesting powerfully in my heart chakra.

For the remainder of the day, I was more productive than I had been in a while. But what was extra special about the day was Medicine Buddha empowering my mind to glimpse his love and compassion for all living beings. As I was out and about, I felt a loving connection with and warmth toward every person I saw, and I had endless energy to give them. It was as though everyone around me was a friend, not a stranger or a potential enemy. I knew the experience was coming directly from Medicine Buddha because my unenlightened mind does not have that kind of infinite warmth toward others.

The following day I woke feeling pretty tired, but instead of going to worry, I thought, "Oh great! Medicine Buddha is training my body, teaching it how to fight this new virus. It's learning how to kick ass, and it's tired from the awesome workout!" And then I felt happy about having an excuse to stay in bed most of the day to meditate, watch movies, nap, and read -- it was luxurious.

I should add, the night before the vaccine, I also did some EFT/tapping, and 15 minutes before getting the shot, I took a few homeopathic remedies that support the body with vaccines.

Many people assume that because I'm an alternative healer, I am anti-allopathic medicine or anti-vaccinations. I am not an extremist. As Buddhists, we are taught to avoid extreme views. Extreme views come from ignorance and fear and no understanding of karma or emptiness/non-duality.

That said, I once was an anti-vaxxer. As a new mom and a single mom, I was exhausted all the time because I had a baby that didn't sleep through the night for many years. My logic and reasoning were reduced, and I was suggestible and gullible. I met a few anti-vaccination families through a mom's group, and they influenced a deep fear of vaccines in me. They convinced me that my daughter would most likely be autistic and have learning disorders and health issues. I opted out of vaccines for my daughter for a very long time.

My daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder - on the autism spectrum - when she was four years old, and her teachers suspected she had ADD when she was six years old. I could not blame vaccines for those challenges because she had no vaccines.

Once I caught up on sleep, my logic and reasoning came back online, and I remembered that I, myself, had received all the recommended vaccines and then some, and I was still healthy, intelligent, and successful.

I decided to have my daughter vaccinated at age seven, and she received all recommended vaccines between the age of 7-10.

Now at 16 years old, my daughter is no longer on the autism spectrum, she is stronger and healthier than she's ever been, and she has high grades in school – not that we care about grades in our household. She is also very social and confident around most people.

Vaccines did not keep my daughter or me from experiencing good things and good health because vaccines are not inherently harmful. Meaning they are not harmful from their side. If they were, they would harm everyone who received them.

Again, I am not an extremist; I also do not believe that vaccines are the right choice for everyone. I choose not to get a yearly flu shot because I trust my immune system. I know I have a strong constitution, I eat many immune-strengthening foods and supplements, and I take a flu vaccine in homeopathic form. I decided to get the covid vaccine because covid-19 is a novel virus, which means my immune system did not yet know how to fight it. As well, we have not yet developed herd immunity, and by getting the vaccine, I help create the cause for herd immunity.

We each have unique karma, we are not karmically wired the same, and I believe it's best to be respectful of individual needs.

If we have the karma to be harmed by a vaccine, then we will be, and if we don't, we won't. In the same way that if we have the karma to be harmed by food, we will be, and if we don't, we won't.

And since we are not enlightened and do not know our specific karma, the best way to try and protect ourselves from harm is by using our mind positively. It is a regular practice for me to visualize what I consume – medicines, supplements, food, water, etc. – as a manifestation of an enlightened being's mind and healing power. When my daughter gets her covid vaccine, I will do all the same visualizations and prayers for her as I did for myself, and she will also do them for herself. If she did not believe in positive thinking and prayer, I would do the visualizations for her on her behalf, as I did with my parents.

Who's to say I wouldn't have felt physically great after the vaccine anyway, without the prayer and visualization. I don't know. However, I suspect that I would not have experienced such a blissful state of mind all day long. Doing the visualization and saying prayers also helps me to relax, which supports my body with doing its best job. Tension and stress never help the body heal and can often hinder or slow down healing.

You do not need to be a Buddhist to meditate on transforming what you consume into a healing tool. I have many clients who do not believe in enlightened beings, but they believe that nature is very healing. For them, I advise they imagine transforming the vaccine into the healing power of nature.

One side thought, one goal of a Buddhist is to help reduce or take away others' fear. Extreme views induce fear because they are born from fear/paranoia. A client of mine is very anti-vaccination; he is also a Buddhist. I'll call him Matt, not his real name. Matt had been forwarding to everyone he knew several articles about the dangers of vaccines - all without any fact-checking or investigation included. I firmly advised him to stop. If an enlightened being intended to use the vaccine to protect the person who Matt influenced not to get it, and then that person got very sick or died, Matt would accumulate heavy negative karma. That's what I call Karma Roulette.

His choice to not get the vaccine may be appropriate for him, but convincing others not to get it is disrespectful and potentially harmful. If Matt does not want others trying to convince him to get the vaccine; then, he should not try to persuade others to fear it. He got the logic in what I was saying. He also permitted me to tell this story.

I respect people who choose to get the vaccine, and I respect people who choose not to. I respect people who choose only to use natural and holistic remedies. I respect people who choose to use a combination of both allopathic and natural. I respect people who choose to use allopathic medicine only. Whichever we decide, we can influence deep healing in ourselves and others by using our mind in a helpful way.

Update June 4: It's been eight weeks since getting the vaccine and I feel great!