• KC Bennett


A while ago, I gave a public talk, which included the subject of prayer. Several people requested that I write up some of my prayers, so here you go. Sorry, it took so long to get this done.

Prayer is my life jacket in this choppy ocean of a human life. I pray formally in meditation, and I pray on the gowhile shopping, driving, streaming, talking to friends, treating clients, and hanging out with my daughter. Praying throughout my day keeps me calm and centered, or pulls me back to center when my mind is agitated and all over the map.

I've always believed in the existence of a higher power but prayer was not something that came easily to me. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I started to pray formally, and it wasn't until my thirties that prayer became an integral part of my life. My habit of prayer is deeply ingrained; it almost has a mind of its own. Prayers will begin automatically and then move into my conscious awareness, even in my sleep.

As a Vajrayana Buddhist, I believe in enlightened beings; I pray to many different deities. I trust everyone will adjust the prayers according to their faith or spiritual practice.

I say too many prayers throughout the day to write them all down, but here are a few.

This prayer I posted on my Instagram account back in April, a general prayer for the state of the world.

I urgently call on every enlightened being, holy being, and divine warrior to infiltrate our human realm, now. I call on you who do not follow human rules but instead, break our social constructs and limiting beliefs. Please arrive now as a countless army of indestructible protectors and healers, and forcibly remove all inner and outer darkness from our lives. Fiercely protect those most vulnerable, economically and physically, and rescue them from dark interferences, corrupt politicians, and predators, right now. Rescue those who have contracted the new virus and accelerate their healing right now. Bless the hearts and minds of all those who have lost loved ones and grant them courage and healing through this time of grief. With your miracle powers manifest now an endless supply of clean food, water, resources, and safe shelter for all who need it. Fiercely protect all doctors, nurses, and first responders. Wrap them in an indestructible armor of light, stay with them every minute of every day, and provide them with everything they need to be safe and help others. Please give them your life force to make it through the long, challenging hours without detriment to their mental, emotional, and physical health. Bring us swift solutions to end this pandemic now. Flood our bodies with blessings of long life, and give us the wisdom to live our long life in a meaningful way. Fill our minds with wisdom, love, and compassion so that we may be part of the solutions in this world, not part of the problems. Through this crisis may our contentment, patience, love, compassion, and kindness increase. OM MANI PÄME HUM!

A prayer I've recently started saying while grocery shopping.

May every person in this store, and their loved ones, be wholly protected from the new coronavirus. Please fill their bodies with healing energy to support their nervous system and immune system. May they have everything they need, including wisdom, to stay safe and healthy.

This prayer, I suggested to a mother to help ease her nerves about her daughter's safety.

I invoke all the enlightened beings to continuously circle my daughter wherever she is and keep her safe from all harm. Keep her entirely invisible to all predators—both human and nonhuman—blind all predators to her presence and whereabouts. Please manifest in her life as protective and inspiring people who bring out the best in her. Fill her with wisdom, confidence and alertness to make safe decisions and transform life's challenges into an opportunity for growth. (I recommended the mother also visualize her daughter experiencing this outcome.)

I always say long-life prayers for those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

White Tara and Amitabha, flood your long-life blessings upon (name). (After this request, I will visualize the person healthy and living long into the future and leaving this life at an old age. I will repeat this prayer and visualization several times.)

When I need to make a decision, especially a big decision, this is my go-to prayer.

Green Tara, swiftly grant me your profound wisdom so that I may experience clarity about this decision I need to make. Block me from making decisions that increase suffering, and make obvious the choices I need to make, to improve my wisdom, love, compassion, and ability to be in service to others.

Whenever I give to others, such as giving time, resources, healing, gifts, etc., I make this prayer afterward. It's helpful to assign positive energy to something specific.

May this giving be the cause for me to have all the health, wealth, and resources I need to continue giving to others.

When I need help with pacifying negative states of mind, such as anger or insecurity, I make this prayer.

Taras, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrasattva, please remove the anger from my mind and possess me with your wisdom, patience and acceptance. Grant me your powerful confidence and fearlessness so that I have what it takes to transform adversities into a spiritual practice.

When I pray I often visualize what I'm praying for. Prayer can be written, visualized, spoken, or thought.

I hope this inspires your exploration of prayer. Even if you don't believe prayer can manifest or influence outcomes, it can help bring your mind into a more peaceful state.

If I think of more, I will add them to this post.