• KC Bennett

My Story

Hi there! I'm Kalyn, or Cai, or KC - I go by all three. I've been a healing practitioner for over 20 years. My main focus is healing through Energy Surgery using clairvoyance. I've also practiced Medical Support Hypnotherapy and continue to use some of those tools in my current work.

I have practiced Vajrayana Buddhism for almost 30 years. (Maybe one day I'll embark on an article about Vajrayana Buddhism because different explanations on the Internet can be confusing.) I am also a mom and I'm clairvoyant.

Being Clairvoyant

I usually avoid using the word "clairvoyant" to describe myself because of the Western ideas about what clairvoyants do. Ex. Making predictions, which I do not do. However, since this blog is about my work as a clairvoyant, I should probably mention it.

According to a Tibetan Buddhist definition, there are five types of clairvoyance:

  • Divine eye—The ability to see subtle forms

  • Divine ear—The ability to hear subtle sounds

  • Miracle powers—The ability to emanate various forms by the mind

  • Knowing previous lives

  • Knowing others' minds

This Tibetan Buddhist definition of clairvoyance more accurately describes my skill set. I'm able to use all of these types of clairvoyance, although I'm not sure about the “clairvoyance of miracle powers.” I'm not clear on what it means to emanate various forms by the mind. With my mind, I can manifest healing and protecting deities. I can also manipulate the physical body to help it heal, as well as clear out karmic obstacles from the mind field. However, I'm not sure if Tibetan Buddhism would consider these abilities to be miracle powers.

Tibetan Buddhism also says that my clairvoyance is not true clairvoyance because I have not yet attained “tranquil abiding.” In Tibetan Buddhism, tranquil abiding is a particular type of concentration from which pure clairvoyance is born.

I would agree that my clairvoyance is limited; I am not a holy being. However, I disagree that it's not “actual” clairvoyance. Despite its limitations, the level of clairvoyance I currently possess has been enough to help hundreds of people heal—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

(To complete the story of my clairvoyance, I should mention that for many of my early adult years, my clairvoyance was deeply repressed. That's a story for another time, but the important thing is that it has returned).

Becoming a Healer

It was never my intention to become a healer. I tried to pursue an acting career from my teens into my early twenties. I worked in the financial district of San Francisco at a law firm and then at a brokerage firm and I worked many other conventional jobs in between. All of these triggered a lot of mental and emotional suffering in me, such as deep depression and anxiety.

For five years, after I left my last mainstream job, I was an ordained Buddhist nun and lived a monastic life. While ordained, I was the head teacher at two Buddhist centers where I counseled students using Buddhist psychology in order to help them transform adversities.

After I left my life as a nun, I learned about Medical Support Hypnotherapy and decided to study it because I needed a career. I was back in the world of paying rent and bills and this seemed like a quick and easy answer—I could become certified within a matter of weeks. While working as a Medical Support Hypnotherapist, I was resistant to my role as a “healing practitioner,” even though I had a successful private practice. I wanted something more “normal.”

After hearing enough about my career complaints, a friend suggested that I see an astrologer for advice. I didn't believe in astrology, but I was willing to try almost anything that might get me out of my job at the time. The astrologer told me that everything in my chart frequently pointed to a career as a healer. Seeing my unhappy expression, the astrologer suggested that a different healing modality might be more enjoyable. It rang true to me that hypnotherapy wasn't the right modality, but I wasn't happy about pursuing a different healing path either.

The day after my astrology reading, I was in my office with a client and my clairvoyance came back online in full force. I was able to do more for that client in one hour than in his previous three sessions.

Using clairvoyance to help others was certainly more interesting. Also, the relief came faster for my clients, which I preferred, and so did they. However, to be honest, I was still resistant to being a healer.

Fast-forward ten years from the day my clairvoyance came back online and I have accepted that this is my karma in this life. I finally feel more grateful to the past-life-me for forcing the present-life-me into working a job that is helpful and healing to others. When I work with clients and I witness the healing and deep relief that they experience, I feel relieved and happy for them. I get excited about what this means for their life going forward.

One of the things I love about this work is that my clients do not need to have faith in this modality in order to heal. Half of my clients have little to no belief in a higher power and are skeptical of this work, but they still experience deep healing regardless.

About This Blog

For 8 years, my friends and clients have requested - pestered me even - to write a book or a blog. My response was always, “Why would I? There are amazing and inspiring books and blogs already written by many profound teachers and healers.” However, friends and clients insist that reading about my experiences could be helpful to others. So, here it is.

Another deciding factor for writing this blog is that I feel the need to step up as a female spiritual practitioner and healer. As in every other sphere, male leaders dominate the spiritual, self-help and healing communities. It pains me to read about the sexual violence that some of these men engage in, including against children.

No, I do not think that all male leaders will engage in harmful actions—and yes, women have been abusive too. However, I do believe that it is time for more women to step up as spiritual leaders and as leaders in the healing arts. We need this balance for the safety and well-being of those seeking refuge in a spiritual path and for those needing healing.

I want to emphasize that everything I write comes from my personal experiences as a

Vajrayana practitioner and clairvoyant healer. I neither hold my world view as “truth” for others nor do I believe that it is appropriate or useful for everyone.

I also want to add that I neither diagnose nor give medical advice. I think of my work as adjunctive care and it should not be used to replace the care of medical professionals.

My life has been a long and wild journey, one that has felt more like living in a science fiction movie than “real” life, although how I present to the world on a day-to-day basis is the exact opposite of an exciting cinematic adventure. Maybe someday I will write the whole story, but here I prefer to focus on writing articles that you might find helpful to your healing and personal growth.

Due to my very full schedule, I am not able to reply to questions or comments. However, I do offer classes that cover more deeply the study and practice of the subjects covered in this blog. You may join the mailing list to receive class announcements.