Light Up Your Holidays with Compassion

The Intensified Blessings of

Pre-recorded Intro Talk

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December 11

Receiving the Blessings

Saturday, December 18

9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific

*registration deadline: Monday, December 13, 5:00 PM Pacific 


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Avalokiteshvara is an enlightened being who embodies pure and unconditional compassion. He teaches us how to be kind and understanding toward ourselves and to have compassion for others because he knows that the only way to feel genuinely peaceful and happy is to cultivate a heart filled with compassion. We could use a big dose of self-compassion and compassion for others during the holidays, especially in these trying times. This two-part event is an opportunity to develop a strong connection with Avalokiteshvara, making it easier to rely on him for guidance, nurturing, inspiration, and wisdom. Also, you will gain a deeper understanding of what true compassion is and what it is not.

During the intro talk, you will learn more about Avalokiteshvara's functions and how to rely on him. You will also receive preparation instructions to get the most out of receiving the blessings.


  • If you decide not to receive the blessings after listening to the intro talk, you may cancel your registration for a full refund.


  • The intro talk will be recorded, and a playback link will be sent by the end of the day on December 11. It's ideal to listen as soon as possible as the talk will give preparation instructions to start in advance of the blessings.

  • The Receiving Blessings session on December 18 will NOT be recorded. You must be present to receive the blessings. 

  • This event is open to everyone; no previous experience is necessary.


  • If you are pregnant or registering a minor child or infant, please inform the office.

  • You can find a Free digital download of an Avalokiteshvara image at - please leave a donation for the artist only if you are able. You may also purchase an image on many sites that carry Buddhist art. This Avalokiteshvara image is one of our favorites:

After working with Kalyn over a couple of years, I asked for an Intensified Blessing session. As a lifelong seeker, I've struggled to really connect to any particular spiritual practice or deity, but deeply respected Kalyn's Menla Healing work. The blessing session proved to be a bridge from my habit of skepticism to an intention of trust that each of us CAN access powerful forces of healing--for ourselves and for the world. Since that session, I have been able to connect to the face and name of Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, and White Tara,  much more easily and frequently. I have noticed less physical and emotional pain, more resilience in the face of stress and crisis, and a deeper faith in the "good orderly direction" of all things. When I am worried about a loved one, I meditate and ask for Medicine Buddha's blessing on them--and this helps me calm my worries and trust they are in whatever process they need to be in, and there is help available if they wish it.  I now have images of Medicine Buddha and Tara all around me as reminders to invoke their presence before starting my psychotherapy sessions--which is to say, I articulate my intention to be a conduit for healing, not the source of it. This helps me stay grounded, protected, and supported. I feel more like a warrior now, than a worrier!  

Marilyn J Owen, LMFT

Santa Barbara

It has been my honor to receive several Intensified Blessings via Kalyn. As my spiritual practice has deepened, it has been beneficial and necessary to have a defined and committed relationship with Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, and others. My work as a healer in human form, having access to these divine energies, has made an enormous difference in my ability to channel healing energy. I highly recommend this path for everyone; whether you see yourself as a healer or not it will make your life easier and your access to divine energy much more direct. Having a personal relationship with these energies brings them into focus and makes your path clearer and real. 


Merle Yost, author