Kalyn Cai Bennett

Kalyn is an Energy Surgeon who clears subtle and dense obstacles in the body, mind, and emotions in order to enable healing breakthroughs. She has over 20 years of experience in Medical Support Hypnotherapy, Energy Surgery and counseling in Buddhist Psychology. Her primary focus now is Energy Surgery based in Vajrayana Buddhist practices and Tibetan Medicine. 
Kalyn calls her work Energy Surgery because she can energetically manipulate the physical body's systems to help the body repair and heal itself. She is also able to energetically manipulate the subconscious to support the release of trauma, stress, negative thinking and so forth in order to help bring about more emotional and mental stability.


Kalyn works with adults, infants, children, couples and animals. For a more detailed list of challenges that Kalyn works with, please click here.

Kalyn has studied and practiced Vajrayana Buddhism for almost 30 years. During five of those years, she was an ordained Buddhist nun and lived a monastic life. While ordained, she was the head teacher at two Buddhist centers. Although Vajrayana Buddhism provides the foundation for her work, she works with people from all spiritual backgrounds and walks of life. It is not necessary to have faith in this type of work in order to benefit from it. 
Kalyn resides in California and works remotely via text message and phone call. Remote work allows her to treat people from all over the world. She currently works with clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Europe, Thailand, China, Taiwan, India, Australia and New Zealand.
Kalyn considers her work to be adjunctive care only and should not be used to replace the care of your physician or mental health care professional. Furthermore, Kalyn does not diagnose, make predictions, or advise clients in decision-making.