Image by Sora Sagano

About Kalyn

Kalyn is an Energy Surgeon who clears subtle and dense obstacles in the body, mind and emotions in order to enable healing breakthroughs.

Cindy, psychotherapist

I went to Kalyn to receive support with surgery and chemotherapy. Her work and kindness kept me calm throughout, and it reduced my symptoms and supported my healing. What a gift to have found her. I don't know how I would have made it through the cancer treatment without her.

Debra, mom

I was very skeptical about receiving remote healing, especially through texting, but I tried it anyway because my friend insisted. I was blown away by the deep healing I experienced. My anxiety is gone and I feel lighter and freer. Kalyn is insightful and caring.

Amita, tech support

I don't know how Kalyn does what she does, or how to explain it to anyone. You just have to experience it for yourself. I feel a thousand times better from her treatments and that's all that matters to me.